We are Recombix, a tech innovation consultancy.

We work with top organisations to solve tough technical problems and validate the ROI of cutting-edge innovation projects using real-world data.

Our complete service

Software development


Software is eating the world, are you ready? We've got you covered whether you need a conversational interface, chatbot, web application, or mobile app. We specialise in full-stack JavaScript development including Node.js, but as multilinguists we also speak PHP, Python, Java, Swift, C# and a whole lot more.

UX & Design

UX &

Technology is only truly beautiful when it's invisible. Well-designed products help us to leverage human potential and then get out of the way. We can design beautiful user interfaces, frictionless user journeys, and high-conversion sales funnels through careful consideration and iterative refinement.

DevOps consultancy


In our fast-paced and demanding world it's not enough to manually manage your operations and infrastructure. We can help you build competitive advantage, reduce mistakes and increase velocity through implementing effective tools and processes that will automate and simplify your CI/CD pipeline.

Developer training


Discipline breeds quality. With the right combination of guidance and process good developers can be transformed into great developers. We can help educate your leaders in agile methodologies specific to your needs, train developers in high quality code patterns, and help implement battle-tested processes.

Superstar team

Josh Cole Photo

Josh Cole

CEO & Founder

Justin Emery Photo

Justin Emery

Lead Developer

Jakub Dziekan Photo

Jakub Dziekan

Fullstack Developer

Amardeep Rai Photo

Amardeep Rai

UX & Design

Louis Whittal Photo

Louis Whittal

UI & Design

About us

Quality assured

Recombix is a Development and Design agency specialising in high quality products that are easy and cheap to maintain. We pride ourselves on our clients' satisfaction and always go above and beyond to ensure the success of every project and achieve an excellent ROI.

Innovation delivered

Our team is extremely creative and curious. We delight in finding novel and innovative ways to improve User Experience and Commercial Efficiency through intelligent software. Clever use of design and automation can put you streets ahead of the competition at a fraction of the cost.


We only build professional, high quality software that is reliable and has a low cost of ownership over time. We’d prefer to lose a bid on cost than to cut corners and produce a subpar piece of work. Every single client we’ve worked with has given us a recommendation after seeing the results of our work and I have no doubt you would be just as pleased.

Clients often stake their reputation on the software that agencies produce. A slightly higher upfront investment not only yields a significantly better ROI over time, but you’ll also be safe in the knowledge your brand image won’t suffer in the eyes of your customers if you work with us.

With Recombix, you won’t be disappointed.

-Josh Cole
CEO & Founder